Samurai siege tips and tricks

Samurai siege is one of the interesting online games that can keep you hooked into it for hours. Even though you might be an experienced player, you might need some help, you move ahead in the game easily. It is like a combat simulation game which is extremely interesting and engaging. But to emerge the winner, you need to follow some tips and cheats. Here are some Samurai siege tips and tricks to help throughout the game.

Begin with single player battles for unlocking buildings and battle troops

In this game, there is no option for unlocking advanced troops by paying money. You need to unlock the troops only by winning the single player battles. In fact, you need to complete the quests in order to move ahead. The same applies for unlocking advanced buildings.

Make use of Ancient temple and Blacksmith for upgrading the troops

During the Samurai siege when you upgrade a troop simply by using any building, each troop you have will automatically get upgraded. In fact, you can easily move ahead in the game by following this strategy. You can also unlock by repairing the Ancient Temple and by using the Blacksmith on your map.

Throw battles intentionally if you want to win big

If you really wish to get back to the days where you could win 80,000 coins simply by winning over a weak opponent, you need to lose some big battles intentionally. Even though you it might dishearten you, but for the bigger win, you need to lose some multiplayer battles initially. Just send few ninjas so that you lose out on smaller resources. Also, if you think you have a chance of winning, simply then resign before the castle gets destroyed. After that, start destroying the easier players and build up your resources.

Use your diamonds to buy third carpenter

Diamonds are quite plentiful in the game, but these moves out easily and never return. So, while these diamonds are still with you make use of these to buy a third carpenter shack or upgrade the existing ones. In fact, you can also a buy a fourth carpenter if you wish to. This helps you get all done twice as fast and that too for free.

Upgrade practice yards and always keep it level off

In this game, winning each battle is both about following strategies and numbers. What you can do is put up the numbers by loading the practice yards and leveling it up. It goes without doubt that with such a well build up a practice yard, any one can defeat any enemy. In fact, you can also send innumerable troops to the enemy base, thereby making a good battle strategy.

The last tip is to use this Samurai siege hack tool.

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Homeworld – the best space strategy ever

I saw the news that there will be the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 in remastered edition coming to us soon. And that time arrived. This is the one of the remastered version that has been made with passion. With passion and with lot of addon value. You will received the Homeworld and Homeworld 2 in remastered version + the classic Homeworld and Homeworld 2. Plus there is a new combined and updated multiplayer on the Steam in Beta version now. That is a lot of stuff. All this below 40 usd on Steam for example. The first Homeworld was published in 1999, development was done by Relic entertainment. This game was rated pretty high and also was voted as a game of the year. And now 16 years (yes 16!!! for those who played the original Homeworld) it is coming back to us. From what I have seen, it is also rated pretty high – 9/10 or 4.5/5. And now we will have few world about what is this game about as some from the audience was not even in the plan of their parents and they are now 15-16 years old.

I played original Homeworld few years after it was released,when I was 15-16 years old. I can’t remember it exactly, but I played it all again few months ago and now it is time to share the experience with you as you have the unique opportunity to play it in remastered version with fantastic graphics. First of all let’s tell you that this game is the RTS – real-time strategy. It will be nothing ordinary, but this game is 3D. No, it does not mean that the textures and world is 3D. This strategy is played in space. And in space you are moving in 3 dimensions, aren’t you? In normal strategies you are moving in 2D even the terrain is modeled in 3D, aren’t you? So here is one more dimension and it is done so perfectly that you even do not know that you are commanding in one more dimension. That is the basic you need to know. There is also the strong story and here is it’s intro (original):

And here in HD (available also in 4k if you have right monitor, just switch the settings):

That is a pretty difference isn’t it? Anyway it says the same ;) So you know how the story begins in the Homeworld. You play it to know more :) Exactly as I did. Because it is very nasty to find out that your home planet is not your home planet and you want to know where are you from and why are you here. In any case it took 100 years to advance so far to be able to build you own mother ship to seek you home. Gearbox did a great job on graphics and still it is the same good old Homeworld, that is 16 years old. And still the gameplay and atmosphere are excellent and that is what you can’t say about all the old games – that the same controls, gameplay and atmosphere will be even acceptable after so many years. You know what? I can remember few games that are. I would like to see System Shock 2 in remastered edition :) I am pretty sure it will be perfect. In any case Homeworld will not disappoint you in any aspect of the modern real-time strategy. And for the last video for you is the gameplay from the remastered edition:

Ok guys, you will not hear from me for couple of weeks as I am already downloading Remastered version and I do not know if there will be time left to come back before I will finish the campaign. So hear you soon and maybe find you in multiplayer!

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Tapped Out – Top City Building Game

Enjoy city building games? Love watching Homer Simpson and the rest of the Springfield gang on “The Simpsons”? Then this game is meant for you. The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a free game by Electronic Arts which has certain in-game purchases. The game content is brought to you by the writers of The Simpsons. It is one of the Editor’s choice games on Android. If you are interested in cheats for this game, you can visit CHEAT  page. I can’t guarantee if it will work, but maybe yes.

After the initial 50 Mb. download, the game downloads additional content up to 175 Mb., so WiFi is recommended. Content is regularly updated by EA, for all the festivals, like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.The game features stunning HD quality graphics, and provides everything that you would require in a town-building game. The in-game currency is “donuts” which can be purchased using real-life currency.

The most special thing about the game, is of course the lovable, quirky characters from The Simpsons.The game starts out with Homer slacking off at work, and ending up blowing up Springfield. Its your job to build it back up! Just the way you want it. You can build houses, roads, pavement, plant trees, all of which earns you experience points to level up, while utilizing in-game money. Certain buildings allow you to find you more characters, like Lisa, Bart, Flanders, Cletus. Once you give a character a task, or undertake any construction, it takes a certain amount of time, so you can close the game and return to it once the task is over. You can speed up tasks using donuts.The fun of the game is discovering new characters as you level up, and watching your city grow from a small settlement of 3-4 houses to a proper big, beautiful city. All in all, this game has an excellent storyline, interaction with lovable characters, stunning graphics, and absorbing gameplay, adding up to hours and hours of gaming fun.

source: Electronic Arts Game Homepage

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Shadow Fight 2 – Ultimate review after week of playing

Shadow Fight 2 is a fighting game for mobile devices. In this game you play as a shadow warrior embarking on a journey to become the strongest fighter there is. As you progress through the levels, you learn new moves, and earn currency to purchase weapons, armor and helmets. There is a small trick how you can skip levels quicker using Shadow Fight 2 Cheats, but we recommend to not use it. The game feels very unique and fresh, especially for a mobile fighting game, with very smooth controls and unique animations for the fighter’s movements and special attacks. The silhouette style feels reminiscent of kabuki style theater, and the memory saved from rendering physical traits of the characters are definitely better off being put to use for the fighting engine. The game’s story is rather nonexistent, with just a simple cutscene as soon as you open the app expositing how you were once an indomitable warrior who fought across the lands seeking a worthy opponent. Eventually the warrior found the Gates of Shadows and defied warnings not to open it, releasing a group of powerful demons from within. The warrior is killed and reduced to a living shadow, and must now embark on a quest to fight and slay the demons he set free.

Shadow Fight 2 IOS screen

The game mode is pretty much just a singular map that you can select various places from to start fighting. Once you select your next fight, the game instantly uses one energy from your energy meter. When the meter runs out don’t worry, you can wait for a short timer to restore it unit by unit, or refill it using in game currency called gems, that can be given for free with some advertising or bought in bulk in exchange for real world money. The game’s fights are often given various difficulties, ranging from easy, to normal, to hard, to impossible. Impossible ones cannot be beaten, or at least, not without superhuman effort. It’s usually best to make sure the difficulty is normal before trying to start the fight, or else you’ll be at a disadvantage, with the computer controlled fighter being able to pull off their moves a lot easier and being able to read and defend against your attacks. Their moves do much more damage as well, and can dispatch you within seconds. It’s a little bit frustrating, but once you build up enough coin, another and the last of the in game currency, you can buy the right armor and weapons to defeat them with ease.

The fighting moves are quite varied and correspond to the fighting style you choose. The different fighting styles are varied as well depending on your weapons, from bare fists and knives, to staffs and swords. There are two buttons for attacks, a punch icon and a kick icon. Kicking moves are the same no matter what style you have, but you can learn new moves as you progress. The punching moves are the ones that change the most drastically as you change weapon types and fighting styles. Shifting and changing your weapon type, and consequentially your fighting style, is key in this game. Some fighters simply cannot be beaten with a bare handed combatant, and it’ll make things a lot easier to fight with a sword in hand.

Shadow Fight 2 Training

Overall, the game is very unique compared to similar games in its class. The movements and animations are smooth and well done, and the variety of fighting styles is well designed. Each style feels different and not just a paint job for your fighter, as some of the later weapons feel like they have weight to them, making your fighter slower but a harder hitter. The music is somewhat subpar, though, as the same song plays in the fights, but it’s good atmospheric music, mixing the classic East Asian instruments with electric guitar riffs. The need to get weapons and armor to beat certain characters feels a little cheap, but it does allow you to see the different fighting styles at least once, which is certainly something interesting to see. What the game lacks visually it makes up for in substance. You’ll never see anything further than a silhouette on any of the fighters, but the armor and weapons you equip are seen in silhouette form added to your fighter. Other fighters come with a picture so you can see a static image of what they look like, while your fighter remains the same shadowy figure, which leaves your final image after armor and weapons are equipped up to the imagination. I definitely recommend this game because it’s a fun game to pass the time and it’s certainly unique among fighting games on mobile platforms. Playing the Shadow Fight 2 game was a fun, immersive experience and it’s very enjoyable.

Finally, there is a very nice Facebook Funpage for this game with latest and freshly updated news

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Railroad Tycoon II

This time I will not be posting anything about the four wheels, but instead of it I will have a look for the my next favourite transportation method. And it will be train. Who do not like the trains? Nobody, even Sheldon Cooper love them. Once upon a time I played the game called Railroad Tycoon II and now I gathered some more fact about this game for you, my readers. I will not start with original Railroad Tycoon as it is too old for you anyway, but this one might be still available to buy and install. And also there is a Gold edition where you will find Railroad Tycoon II + its datadisk RT II: The second Century. Or Platinum edition – +50 community masp are added. I myself have Platinum edition.

Railroad tycoon II Platinum

This game was developed for windows, linux, macos, dreamcast and playstation. Not bad for a strategy game, but I can’t find myself thinking to play it somewhere else then on PC with keyboard and mouse. It was released in 1998 and the last patch is from 2003. It has the both single-player and multi-player. The game genre is business simulation. And now to the gameplay.

This game is about running the trains as you may guess from the title. To run the trains from the early history of the trains to the present day and the future. So you will start with old trains you could see in old westerns and end-up with maglev, from 8 mph to 280 mph. It will be nice excursion to the history of railroads in the world.

You will be building the tracks, train stations and all the stuff needed for the train to run on the railroads. Then you will be buying trains and deliver passengers, mail and cargo from one station to another. But if possible with the profit. And the whole game is about making profit. So there is also the money management including loans. You can even connect with the other company to share the tracks and to share the profit if the distance is too high or you are low on money. As this is a simulation then you need to think of the maintenance costs too.

The cargo is produces by industry and there is a lot of industry in this game. Some industry produce some stuff the other industry needs and it is your task to deliver it where it is needed. And the industry will be evolving together with the trains and the game. And as in the real world to more evolved industry pays more money for the goods transport, for example: textile mills are basic industry compared to still mill or the automobile industry.

Industry in RT II

And this is how the game is working, keeping you busy and you are having fun solving the economic and the business puzzles. Competing with AI operating the other companies. Or you can just make your ever-wanted railway world just for fun. In my opinion this is still really good game, even the graphics is not current. But it is something you can sacrifices for the gameplay you get. BTW: Railroad Tycoon II Platinum is available on for 1.5 usd (or 6.5 usd usual price).

RT II screenshot

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Need for speed: Rivals – is it a good ride?

Dear readers, as I wrote in the about page, I love Need for speed and I want to share with you all the good and bad things I found out in the Rivals. As you may know the NFS series is like a roller coaster, once you are up, once you are down. And apparently EA was not very happy to see this and maybe they are on the good way to stabilize this series.
Need for speed: Rivals

I will tell you in advance that it is not so bad as it might be :) In the era of remaking, redoing and combining everything in unplayable games, this is a better shot. But, please, EA stick to one approach 3 years in a row, because you are confusing the fans, or at least me! This time the developers were Ghost Games (or guys from Criterion, but with switched clothes).  OK, this game takes the best from remake of Hot Pursuit and original Most Wanted (do not confuse with the new one).

Nice prolog, but how is the game and what is it about? In the beginning you have to choose the side – cops or racers. But no worries, you can switch the side later if you want. And in fact both paths are not so different. As a cop you are supposed to catch the criminals in the hot cars in illegal races. As a racer you are supposed to win the the race and gain the glory and the speedpoints. You can get them for the race win, completing various tasks. Then you will get better cars, which you can upgrade. But if you expect something cool tuning, please forget. This upgrading and tuning is just like a child’s game in here.

The game seems to be good balanced (cops vs racers), but the opposite is the true. Cops are better in here, they just ride in the open world and complete their speedlist and from time to time catch a racer. Catch, destroy and took his speedpoints ang go for coffee and donuts. Isn’t that life pretty? As a racer you need to pick up the opponent carefully (you do not want to race with a car 3 levels from yours, are you?) and the cops are always chasing you! If you have speedpoints, and you will not make it to your cover, then you lost that points. I just don’t know but the cop’s carrier is much simplier than racer’s…… But in any case you might take it as a challenge.

NFS:Rivals screenshot - copThe imaginary Redview country is pretty good rendered, something like countryside from Forza Horizon, but here are the woods, the prairie and the mountains roads with the snow. It does not exist in the world, but fiction is in your head and you will like it. The other thing is hybrid multiplayer. You can share the map with 5 friends, but in Redview there can be a real crowd, so you will find racers controlled by AI, which like to cheat. And you have problems to recognize who is living player and who is the bot. Also you have problem to determine which dot belongs to which team. Navigation is not done well.

The last thing I do not like is that you are not able to pause the game, so think in advance, there is not time to leave for the toilet! In any case this is the best from NFS for the last years., so pick it up in your favourite store and have fun!

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