Need for speed: Rivals – is it a good ride?

Dear readers, as I wrote in the about page, I love Need for speed and I want to share with you all the good and bad things I found out in the Rivals. As you may know the NFS series is like a roller coaster, once you are up, once you are down. And apparently EA was not very happy to see this and maybe they are on the good way to stabilize this series.
Need for speed: Rivals

I will tell you in advance that it is not so bad as it might be :) In the era of remaking, redoing and combining everything in unplayable games, this is a better shot. But, please, EA stick to one approach 3 years in a row, because you are confusing the fans, or at least me! This time the developers were Ghost Games (or guys from Criterion, but with switched clothes).  OK, this game takes the best from remake of Hot Pursuit and original Most Wanted (do not confuse with the new one).

Nice prolog, but how is the game and what is it about? In the beginning you have to choose the side – cops or racers. But no worries, you can switch the side later if you want. And in fact both paths are not so different. As a cop you are supposed to catch the criminals in the hot cars in illegal races. As a racer you are supposed to win the the race and gain the glory and the speedpoints. You can get them for the race win, completing various tasks. Then you will get better cars, which you can upgrade. But if you expect something cool tuning, please forget. This upgrading and tuning is just like a child’s game in here.

The game seems to be good balanced (cops vs racers), but the opposite is the true. Cops are better in here, they just ride in the open world and complete their speedlist and from time to time catch a racer. Catch, destroy and took his speedpoints ang go for coffee and donuts. Isn’t that life pretty? As a racer you need to pick up the opponent carefully (you do not want to race with a car 3 levels from yours, are you?) and the cops are always chasing you! If you have speedpoints, and you will not make it to your cover, then you lost that points. I just don’t know but the cop’s carrier is much simplier than racer’s…… But in any case you might take it as a challenge.

NFS:Rivals screenshot - copThe imaginary Redview country is pretty good rendered, something like countryside from Forza Horizon, but here are the woods, the prairie and the mountains roads with the snow. It does not exist in the world, but fiction is in your head and you will like it. The other thing is hybrid multiplayer. You can share the map with 5 friends, but in Redview there can be a real crowd, so you will find racers controlled by AI, which like to cheat. And you have problems to recognize who is living player and who is the bot. Also you have problem to determine which dot belongs to which team. Navigation is not done well.

The last thing I do not like is that you are not able to pause the game, so think in advance, there is not time to leave for the toilet! In any case this is the best from NFS for the last years., so pick it up in your favourite store and have fun!

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